How To Increase Your Followers And Visibility For Your Music Career

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Online Music Career

You must have seen people launch their music careers online with just a camera and a musical instrument and a music software to have their careers spiral upwards, it might look easy and in most cases it is pretty simple, all you need is the right resources to make yourself visible online and put your work forth for the world to see.  The internet is an ocean of opportunity for aspiring musicians, with millions of people having access to the internet and a yearning to listen to good music on various streaming platforms, it’s the perfect place to make yourself known in the world for what you do best.  Music.  If you think you have got what it takes, well you are in the right place.

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Here is a few thing you can do to boost and Manage Your Visibility Online For Your Music Career.

Be on as many platforms as you can
You must have seen that YouTubers don’t usually just stick with just YouTube, they have multiple platforms on which they promote their music.  Be it Instagram, twitter, Facebook, it is very important that you have a presence on this websites.  sometimes users may just watch you on their Facebook page and share them with their friends.  it’s necessary you have a wide range of audience and not just people coming on YouTube or SoundCloud.

After you have had a great idea for a new song or you just finished recording your cover after long hours of practicing, you finally upload and just wait for the views to add up.  Well, you can’t expect for it to magically blow up.  You need to promote it.  Send it to everyone you know, tag as many people as you can in your Instagram post with the cover art or just a screenshot.  It might seem like your just annoying others but that’s how people will notice you and know that you just dropped a new song or a cover.  Even send it to your mom and her friends and your cousins, send the link to your school friends on your WhatsApp group.  If they like it, they will share it so you have nothing to lose here.  Promoting is a vital part of making yourself visible.

Collaborating with other artists is always a good idea.  you not only get a new experience and have a chance to experiment with your style but you also get a chance to be exposed to the new audience.  This by far is a most important thing.  the exposure is crucial for any beginner as it will open up more doors.  Don’t be afraid to do a collaboration in think it will make you part of some duo or group, it just merely is a stepping stone for your solo career.

Posting snippets
If it’s been a long time since you posted on your YouTube or SoundCloud you might see a fluctuation in your follower count, it may so happen that your inactivity may seem like you won’t post anymore, in such situations when you need time to come up with your next big hit just post small videos of you practicing or playing any instruments.  This keeps the audience engaging and makes them anticipate for your future projects.  Always try and be more engaging to your audience as they are the ones who make or break your career.

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