Living With the Love of Music


Is Music In Your Bones?

From time immemorial, music has remained our most constant companion.  There will be special partners in our lives: our families, friends or even our pets.  But with music, there will be no hurting separations which potentially destroy some of us.

It will always be there for us.  It was our most cherished lullabies when we were young, and it is our favorite dance music in our later life.  Have you ever wondered why music became so much part of humanity? Here are the 5 reasons.

Soul Nourishments

There will be times when we need to be alone, detaching ourselves from all the humdrum of daily life.  At those times, music will be our perfect companion.  Some of us may like to hear natural music such as the sound of the rain or waves bouncing on the shore, while others may like instrumental or light jazz music.

This all happens because music has a soothing effect on our soul.  The right music is able to lift up and dig up all fond memories and enlighten our consciousness levels, thus transforming moments of solitude into joyous ones.


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Riggers Memories

There are two senses in our bodies which are really instrumental when it comes to bringing out our hidden memories: our noses and our ears.  The noses bring back our lost memories by picking certain aromas such as the aroma of some foods or long forgotten perfumes.  Our ears bring back fond (or sad) memories by listening to music.

You might once again remember that your fun trip in Ireland when you heard a U2’s song.  On the other hand, the same music could trigger certain sad memories.  A certain U2’ song might only get your soul darker because it reminds you of the death of your cat.




Music is a Link to Our Spiritual Life

hand raisedThere are little differences between praying and singing music.  Both activities signify hope and belief in a higher power.  You might pray to get favors from your God or you may sing in the hope of recovering from a persistent grief.  In terms of our soul and spiritual life, music is the most effective bridge.  It links our souls to other souls and most importantly, to our higher power.

This explains why some of us may have a purified feeling as we hear certain music, for example, gospel songs.


Music Releases Our Deepest Emotion 

That’s it.  Music is the best avenue for emotional release.  Think about rock music.  For the rock music fans, there are no other means to completely release those subjective emotions than by listening and dancing away to the beats of their favorite songs.

It makes us forget those racing thoughts, drown our sorrows and begin to see things for what they are.  That’s the healing power of music.


Music Promotes Us

There is an undeniable proof that music is the best promoter when we think of careers.  This Bieber’s way, for example, is worth a try if you want to promote yourself.  Warhol once said that in the future, there will be times when everyone in the world would have a chance to be famous in just 5 minutes.  Now, this is the time.  With your gadget and guitar, you can be as famous as the Pope.


From inspirational to promotional, there is simply no limit to what music can do to our lives.  It has always been the best rhythm of the soul, and forever will be.

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