12 Reasons Why Your Music Self-Promotion Isn’t Working And How To Promote It

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Self Promotion

For you to be successful in music, self-promotion is a must. But many people don’t know how to promote themselves in the right way. Below are the reasons why it’s not working…

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Targeting The Wrong Audience

Targeting the right audience is crucial. If you focus the wrong audience, then you will not have self-promotion in your music industry. Be keen with your fan profile, who are you targeting, what its all about and among many others. After you have identified your audience, then go where they are and have a connection with them.

Unnecessary Social Media Posts

Social media will help you reach many people especially your target audience, but when you post your music excessive, they will get bored and tune out. Social media can be of great help when used in the right way. For example, if you are recording a new album in the studio, you can update that on facebook, twitter, and Instagram. Take pictures of the venue and post; you can also share a short video of the song. That will create awareness to your fans that the next album is coming soon. Always be personal and exciting, ask them questions and know they view your music and from the answers, you will be able to understand how to promote your music.

Inconsistent Promotion

They say that consistency will always deliver a good result. Most of the artists are not consistent with their music promotion, they do it few days, and they think it’s enough. With the movement of starting and stopping, you are not going anywhere. You are supposed to promote your music consistently. For example, create a timetable for your marketing activities, make sure you send newsletters every day and ensure that they reach everyone.

You Don’t Want To Spend

When it comes to advertisement, when you pay the advert, it reaches several people, unlike unpaid advert. Most of the artist say they can’t afford to pay. But it’ good sometimes to sacrifice and pay for your advert which will help you promote your music. You can ever pay a freelancer and advertise your music by writing about it.

You Are Not Famous

Most artists are very potent in the music industry, but they are not famous. You need to be well-known. For example, you can make that by going to several venues and invite as many people as you can. Also, look for places whereby other artist meets and join them, with that people will get to know you.

First Impressions

The first impression matters a lot, and many don’t know how to introduce themselves. Establish that relationship with people, making them more eager to know more about you.

You Are Always Waiting In Line

When you keep waiting in line, you won’t have enough time to promote yourself. Be creative and outsource your duties as a musician. Promote your music everywhere, go outside the music blog, hire some people to request your songs in radio, recruit others to write about your music. Thus, makes your music to be promoted.

You Are Not Unique

Most artists have not differentiated themselves from others. Come up with a creative way different from others and be yourself, let the audience not know as just an artist. Brand yourself different from others.

You Give Up Quickly

They say, nothing good comes out easily. Many artists give up on their way to success, never give up. When you get discouraged, try to give yourself hopes and move on to the next step of promoting your music.

Not Being Creative In Song Writing

guitaristDon’t tend to write your songs precisely the way others have. Use different and unique styles that will attract your audience. People get bored quickly listening to the almost similar thing, but if you do it differently, they will always be interested in with to them.

Lack Of Your Website

Your fans may want to access your site for updates. Website tools like WordPress and Bandzoogle have capabilities when it comes to blogs, you can plan on how to post your blogs may by twice a week. You will be in a position to maintain your fans and create awareness to other audience through the site.

You Are Not Giving Out Offers

You just want to sell, and you are not willing to give out offers. Surprise the audience with offers. For example, come up a venue, set date and time and invite the audience to come and listen to your new album for free entry or less charge. Through that, you will be able to promote all your music.

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