How To Distribute Your Music Online

Online Distribution

Online Distribution

Music is a powerful tool as it can give us immense emotions, it can be a great pain and sadness, or happiness or maybe anger. People believe that music can be the expressive acts in times that words are too overwhelming. We also noticed that music can change our mood easily especially if we can relate to the real meaning of the lyrics. People also jive to music to praise or give thanks. Some people also use music as a pedestal on fame or reaching their dreams. And using music as a passion to reach out people’s heart.

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There are a lot of international celebrities like Ed Sheeran, who uses his passion for music as a stepping stone for the fame that he is now getting. He spends almost 3 years sleeping in the major streets of London. He greatly remembered that he performed in the streets of near the Buckingham Palace. But it didn’t stop him from continuing his passion for singing and music. Until he was discovered by the Jamie Foxx and he became one of Britain’s hottest male pop star.

There are a lot of musicians nowadays that aspire to become the next Ed Sheeran or the next Justin Bieber but how to get your music into people’s hearts and mind? There are a lot of ways to share and to get the attention of the crowd. There are some musicians go to music producers and let the producer hear their music, they market their music in the hopes that the music producer will like the song or the type of music he prepared. Aside from those techniques, there is another technique on how to get your music to people’s heart.

Another way is to share it via online but the real question is how to distribute your music online? The following are the tips how to distribute your music online:

  • YouTube Channel – If you want to share your passion with the crowd and you want to get your online presence be at the peak, then YouTube platform is for you. Create a YouTube channel and start putting your cover music videos or your own composition and market it and promote it via YouTube’s promotions. In that way, there will be a daily visit to your videos. Also, you need to inform your friends and family about your music channel on YouTube so they can share it with their friends.
  • Upload your music composition in Facebook – Facebook reaches over billions of users so since 80% of the population are using the platform then you can use Facebook as a tool in sharing your music, you can upload videos or audio samples of your composition or your cover of the popular songs.
  • Tie up with iTunes and Spotify – If you want to reach more people. tieing up with the leading music company. They can promote your music and connect with millions of people all over the globe.

There are other ways to get your music online but remember it is not about the fame but your desire to touch people’s mind and hearts through this medium.

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