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What to Expect from a Professional Music Studio


You’re passionate about your music, and you want to share it with the world.  Recording your music in a professional environment can breathe new life into your compositions, or even launch a career!  There are a lot of businesses offering access to a music studio, but what should you look for when you start searching?  Many studios claim to offer the tools you need to get a great recording, but what sets a high-quality music studio apart from the rest?  This article will give some tips on what to expect from a professional music studio.

Know Your Budget

As with any service, more money generally means better quality.  This isn’t a hard and fast rule, but if a studio offers you prices that are drastically lower than the competition, they may not offer the professionalism you need.


Many artists and groups are shocked by the sticker price of a recording session in a music studio, so make sure you save up enough to get the job done right.


Avoid prices that are suspiciously low, as professional music studios are aware of the quality they offer and price their services to match.


Prioritize the People

It may seem logical to just start googling “best music studio in my town”, but consider that a music studio is just a building.  Do your research and find quality producers and sound engineers, and head to the studio they’re associated with.


You’re trusting strangers to boost your music to the next level, make sure those strangers have experience and good reviews.


Don’t jump for the first studio on the list.  Find professionals with quality work, it’s it’s guaranteed that the studio will feature professionalism to match.


Check Out The Room

As much as we emphasized the importance of choosing people over studios, there’s no denying that the actual environment you’re recording in makes a difference in the quality of your sound.


If possible, avoid rooms with parallel walls and ones shaped like a cube.  While these sorts of rooms can work, they require a high amount of wall treatments in order to avoid affecting your recording negatively.


Assess the Equipment

digital studioIn general, more expensive equipment leads to better quality recordings.  Be ready to ask questions about the type of recording equipment present in the studio, and have at least some basic knowledge of different brands to know when you’re walking into a bad situation.


There are resources all over the web that give you a basic overview of the recording process, and many of these resources will also include some info on the kinds of equipment you’ll need for a great recording.


Overall: Do Your Research

You’ll notice a common theme through all of these tips, and that’s mainly the advice to avoid going in blind.  Knowing what to expect from a professional music studio after reading this article and doing additional research will help you make a choice that’s right for your budget and expectations.


We hope this article has equipped you with the tools you need to start your search.  As with any big decision, make sure you take your time and weigh the pros and cons of each situation before making your choice.  Your music is important to you, make sure you go with a studio who will recognize that and spin your passion and talent into a professional-grade recording.


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