How To Promote Your Music Successfully On The Internet

How To Promote Your Music Successfully On The Internet

Self Promotion

Nowadays there are plenty of excellent musicians just waiting to branch out into the music industry and make a name for themselves.  The only problem is that they just don’t know any useful tips on getting the right promotion to get a targeted audience noticing them.  To be honest, you don’t even really need a major label anymore if you learn to master the following.

Know Your Niche

Probably an essential thing to know about any promotion is knowing who you are promoting to and what kind things interest them.  You wouldn’t want to be putting up an ad on a website dedicated to Reggae when your album is all about Hip Hop.

Try visiting some online Hip Hop forums and reply to some of the topics.  Then leave a link to a website where the public can view listen to some of your music and read a quick biography on you or your group.

Make A Website or Blog

There are people online every day looking for the next hottest up and coming thing to hit the music world.  Having the ability to be able to redirect some of the traffic can and will to wonders for your music career.

Try becoming a part of a social website like Facebook, MySpace or Instagram where you can make a profile or an actual music page for people to check you out.  If you are a little more inclined and knowledgeable about HTML website designing, then you should make you own page that fits you and is more unique rather than the same template everyone else uses.  All you have to after that is promote that URL by posting it on forums, emails, etc…

Make Music Videos

YouTube is your best friend! YouTube is traffic ranked number 4 in the United States.  If you haven’t already gone ahead and make a profile and set up your channel and let your fans listen, look, know about everything, you have to offer.  Show them video’s of you performing live.  Make videos for them to listen to your latest music.  Another good thing about YouTube is that you get to see what the public’s feedback is about you and your music from the comments posted underneath your video.

Word of Mouth

Everyone always wants to know the best way to promote their product or business, but when they find out what the actual truth is it’s hard to face it.  There’s no way around it, the absolute best way to promote you music or whatever it is you do is by telling someone face to face.  Let someone get to know you and in the process say about your music.  Trust me they’ll be 100% more likely to listen at least.


Give away music, t-shirts, throw a listening party, ringtones, anything you can think of.  When people get things free, they tend to start to build a relationship with the “giver.” It’s like throwing bread into a flock of seagulls.  They always come back for more.  The goal after you have them eating out of your hand is to get them to OPT-in some way like trading their email to help build you emailing list for a free mixtape or wallpaper featuring you the artist.

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