5 Tips For Self-Producing Music


Music Production

Though this may appear like a far-fetched idea, it is about time record labels accept that they ought to be phased out.  Technology has continuously made it easier for you as a music artist to self-produce your work.  Music equipment and software are becoming more accessible to the musicians out there.  But self-producing is not as easy as you may think.  Below are tips that will help create your CD and release it successfully.

Establish Your Audience

It is unfortunate that most artists don’t realize that music production is a business like any other business out here.  You cannot start manufacturing and bringing products into the market without knowing who your target customers are.

So, as an artist who is getting ready to plunge into self-producing, first establish who your audience is.  Who are you going to direct your music to? I mean, who will listen to and buy it?

Perfect your genre, style and sound tracks so that you can identify with a particular audience.


Do Not Rush Into Release

Making music is the most important step in music production and not releasing it.  This is irrespective of whether you are self-producing or working with a music label.

Do what it takes to produce quality music.  Spend days and nights in that personal studio if you have to.

Release a flawless beat, song and perhaps album at any cost.

Don’t be afraid to explore new parameters.  You don’t have to produce loud music or employ a lot of techs because that is what is happening.

Personify your record and be unique.


Make Quality Pictures and Cover Design

As a customer, I will not lie to you that my mind does not judge quality by what I see.

The next step after producing quality music is designing a cover for the track/s.  The cover is the first thing that the audience sees before hearing the music.  Therefore, it is only right to say, beyond your music, this is what fans buy – the cover.

Your role as the artist is to convince me that what is inside that CD or what I am about to download is worth my money and time.


Manufactur Quality CD’s 

cdThis brings us back to the topic of what the customer sees.  What your audience actually buys and, what they will talk about for the next few days if not months.

Many of the self-producing artists will also think of burning and printing your CD’s themselves.  After all, it will save you some few bucks.

There is no harm in manufacturing your CD’s if you can produce excellent quality.  However, if you cannot bring out a CD that doesn’t look cheap and of low-quality, please invest in a professional.


Enroll It Into The Market

Selling the music is the goal of every artist.  However, this should be the last thought to cross your mind as a musician especially when you are self-producing.

Once you are confident that the music is perfect for the ear, then, you can think about releasing it to the world.

First, you have to know and understand several things about your target audience.  Release your music in their favorite spots.  Above all, avail it to them for buying in the easiest platforms.  This means that they can get it affordably and conveniently.


If you are an artist, take charge of your music by self-producing it.  It is not easy, but when you follow these tips, you will not go wrong.  Contact us with any questions.

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